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Gears of War 4 Xbox One/PC CD Key Global

Gears of War 4 Xbox One/PC CD Key Global

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Product Description

Gears of War 4 Xbox One/PC CD Key Global

JD Fenix and crew embark on a new mission to save their loved ones from a monstrous new enemy.
A powerful new arsenal of weapons awaits you in Gears of War 4. Lock and load the Buzzkill to fire spinning saw blades, or try out the Dropshot and shoot around corners!
Gears of War 4 features new multiplayer game modes, and dedicated servers offering smooth, 60fps gameplay.
In Gears of War 4, you can play every game mode in split-screen multiplayer. Grab a buddy and kick off some campaign co-op action!


The Gears of War series has been known for its quality cooperative gameplay, and this 4th entry in the series does it the best so far.
Play the riveting campaign solo, or bring a buddy along for two-player co-op action!
Buy Gears of War 4 once, and then play it on both Xbox One and PC for no additional cost.

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